One of my favorite shows is the Dr. Oz show.  Dr. Oz is about helping people to be as healthy as they can too.  This is a page dedicated to informative information, from Dr. Oz show, that can help my readers as we try to age as well as we can.

Dr. Oz delivers the ultimate cold and flu rescue kit. Find out how to ward off germs starting from the moment you feel sick. Learn how to tell the difference between a cold and the flu, plus get tips on fighting a fever.  To learn more click the link here.

According to Dr. Oz you may think you are brushing your teeth right, especially since you've been brushing them all your life.  Most people have been brushing their teeth wrong.  Are you one of them?  Click the link here to find out.

Dr. Oz has quick and simple solutions for indigestion, gas and more. Find out how you can solve your stomach woes in no time!  Click the link here to learn more.

Cold and flu season is here – are you prepared? Get Dr. Oz's recommendations for the best cough medicine. Learn what works and what doesn't to keep your family healthy! Plus, the biggest cold and flu myths busted.  Clink this link to learn how to stay healthy this winter.

Presented by Eucerin. Board-certified dermatologist, Dr. Elizabeth Tanzi, explains how the symptoms of atopic eczema can be disruptive to the lives of sufferers. Dr. Oz demonstrates what goes on beneath the skin, and Dr. Tanzi gives treatment tips.  The link is here to learn how to get your skin beautiful again.

I have been working hard not to get sick.  When cold-and-flu season arrives, it can seem like everyone around you is sick. While keeping yourself well in a sea of illness might seem impossible, there are a few tricks you can use to stay healthy even in the sickest of settings.  Click the link here to see how Dr. Oz can help you not to get sick.

Is there a difference between Greek yogurt and regular Plain yogurt, Chef Michael Psilakis breaks down the differences between regular, Greek, and Greek-style yogurt production. are made differently. Then, investigative journalist Sapna Parikh explains why Greek yogurt snacks aren’t necessarily a healthy option.  Click here to learn more.

Actress Taraji P. Henson joins Dr. Oz to share the status of her beloved co-star, Jussie Smollett. She also opens up about two health scares, including stomach issues that, if not treated, could lead to ulcers and even to cancer.  Learn more here.

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