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Reach out to someone today and add joy to their life.

Updated: Mar 19

Joy, it's not a constant thing but it's worth chasing after.

Joy does not come easy. Like I said in my earlier post we must chase after it. I mean actively doing things that can make us joyful. One thing we can do is appreciate what we do have.

Now I’m going to speak for myself and maybe I can help you (which will give me joy) and/or you can help me (which may give you joy). I’m trying to appreciate what I do have and what I cannot control.

I do have good family and friends, food, clothing and shelter. I’m in good health (besides the normal getting older stuff) and what I mean is good health mentally, emotionally as well as physically. I can get up and go to work, so these things I really do appreciate.

As you get older and wiser and after you have gone through some things in life you look at these things differently than when you were younger.


The dynamic between family and friends are different today.

Communication is through technology and most older ones are not technical (but a lot of older ones are getting much better with technology).

I’ve noticed our children of today, not just the little ones, but our teenagers, older adult children and grandchildren are different. Living in the age of texting, Facebook, SnapChat etc., communication is on a different level.

They rather communicate by text or Facebook. For me I feel both are impersonal. I love hearing the voices of my family. Of course, I’d love to be in their presence more yet texting and Facebooking is another way to communicate.

To chase joy with family, don’t wait for them, you make that call, send that card or however you want to communicate. Just take action and take some time out of your busy, hectic life and reach out to someone. Think of family you haven’t heard from in a while or ones you know are sick or elderly.

Please don’t forget the young ones. They need to hear from you too.

Even the ones we live with, right in our own homes, sometimes we really don’t get the time to talk to them. It would be a nice shock for them, to get a card in the mail from you.


So, I say all this to say, I truly appreciate when I get a phone call, a surprise visit, a card, a thoughtful gift. I appreciate the kindness expressed because it means that though we all are living this crazy, hectic life, someone thought about me and took the time to let me know and that gives me immense joy.

Well, let me know if any of this helped you and just to let you know I do appreciate you reading this.

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