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Updated: Mar 19

If you can't watch the Dr. Oz show no worries I will be making a weekly recap of what's been on his show.

I love Dr. Oz, so I had to do a post about him. I think he truly does his show because he cares about people and really wants to help them. He’s not partial, you can tell he loves all kinds of people.

I try to watch his show every day and there is so much you can learn from watching his show too. So, I’m going to do like a weekly recap of what was on his show for the week. I will try to post about 4 or 5 postings that I think that could help us all.

Meanwhile, if you have time watch Dr. Oz or go to his website, you can learn a lot that way too. What you learn from his show can make a great difference in your health and the health of everyone you know.


For instance, one of his shows was about acid reflux. One thing he suggested was eating between 7:30 am to 7:30 pm. That is the best time to eat for people who suffer with acid reflux. A doctor on the show said it takes up to 4 hours for the stomach to become empty. So, if you go to bed and lay down with food on your stomach it can cause you to have acid reflux. That’s one little tip that can make a big difference in somebody’s life.

Dr. Oz has specialist in every field. He interviews famous people who have had serious health problems and what I really like is that he breaks down information in a way that anyone can understand.

I learn a lot watching the Dr. Oz show.

If you can’t catch the Dr. Oz show, no worries you can always come back to my website for short snippets of what was on his show.

For me watching the Dr. Oz show is another way that I try to keep chasing joy and health.

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