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Essentrics Stretching Exercises

Updated: Mar 19

We all need to do more stretching as we get older!

Hi Guys, I must tell you about a new stretching series (well new to me) that I found on YouTube, it’s called Essentrics. Let me tell you why and how I found this. I’m in my 50’s and more and more my body was getting stiffer and stiffer.

I mean serious aches and pains. When I get up out of the bed in the morning I would be walking like I was in my 90’s. I was desperate, and I needed to find a way to feel better. I felt old. :(

I was considering some natural remedies and I knew I had to include some type of exercise. So, I went to the track at my local school and started walking. Walking is always a good exercise, but I still was feeling stiff. Even when I would sit for a while, when I would get up I would feel the stiffness in my hips and knees

One day channel surfing on my TV I saw on a PBS station a program about stretching. This program was about Classical Stretch. That program gave a lot of good information about the body and what happens to it as you get older.

NOT moving was one of the main reasons why we get all the stiffness. After watching the program, I thought, “that makes so much sense” because our bodies were made to move.

Stretch your way to better health!

Well, at that time I could not afford the price on the PBS program, so I thought maybe I could find some videos on YouTube for Classical Stretch, and I did! There were also videos called Essentrics that caught my attention.

I was more interested in Essentrics because I wanted a video that was longer than 5 minutes and Essentrics has a short clip of videos that are between 6 to 15 minutes long on YouTube. I watched one of the videos and right away I wanted to try it and I did.

I LOVED the stretching and how it felt, so I did another short one. LOVED that one too, so I did another one (that was the last one). I enjoyed these Essentrics videos so much I could not wait until the next day to do them again.

I felt a difference the next day. Nothing spectacular but I did not feel as stiff as I usually do which made me very happy. Now I’m thinking “Okay I think I found something that may really help me”.

Essentrics stretching exercises help with aches/pains.

For the last two years, I began to feel the effects of getting older. Aging gracefully was not working for me because of my stressful situation (divorce, etc.) in my life that was taking its toll.

I was starting to feel stiff all the time. I was grunting, you know that little grunt you make when getting out of a car or bending down to pick something up.

Oh, and especially first thing in the morning trying to get out of bed.

Well the Essentrics stretching has really, really helped me. I’m not saying everyone my age needs this or will help them, but I had to blog about it because maybe these exercises will help someone else out there who is feeling like me.


If you decide to try these exercises you may need to consult with your doctor and use common sense. Don’t overdo any exercises. Take it easy and be consistent and you will see results.

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