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Eye Health and Aging

Updated: Nov 27, 2018

Eye Health and Getting Older!

As I started getting older the health of my eyes was starting to become a major concern.  I started having issues with my eyes when I was around 50.  Slight irritation at first, that would go away.  This would happen around March, the beginning of spring.  The irritation would come back maybe around September, and last about a week or two and then go away.  So, I know Spring brings on the allergy season and that’s why I was having irritation then but by the time I turned 55 I started having problems with my eyes tearing.  It was just the one eye, the left one.

I noticed that when I go outside and if its cold, my left eye would start watering up and tears are falling from my eyes uncontrollably.  This was very irritating, (now making me mad) especially since I most likely have eye makeup on and a little foundation.  Aside from the beauty issue, the health of my eyes is the main concern of course.

Our eyes really go through a lot as we age, make sure to get your eyes checked.

Please go to the Eye Doctor

I went to the Ophthalmologist (an Eye doctor) to get my eyes checked and found out I have dry eyes.  One way you can get dry eyes from looking at the computer screen all day long.  I use a product called Thera Tears, they are eye drops, which has worked well for me.

I also do eye exercises to take the strain off my eyes.  The eye exercises that I do is moving the eyes from one side to the other, looking to the right, then looking to the left. I do this about ten time.  Then I look up then down about ten times.  Then I move my eyes to the left, up, right, then down.  I do that about 5 times then I go the opposite direction, I move my eyes to the right, down, left then up.  I do this sometimes right at my computer, which does help tremendously, or I may do it in the evening to when I get home.   These exercises and eye drops work well but if the eye problem is coming from stress then that’s a whole different problem.

My eyes were dry, but my eyes were now starting to twitch, and I think the twitching was coming from stress.  I am working at a job I don’t like at all but its paying my bills and allowing me to save money.  I’m happy to be leaving this position soon and leaving the stress behind.

In doing research it could be tiredness and stress.  So, getting rest and finding time to relax is what I may needed to do.

Electronic Gadgets and Older Eyes

Using electronic gadgets can put a strain on your eyes too.  Try taking a 5-minute break every hour from your computer may help.  While taking a break try to look at something at least 10 to 20 feet away.  If at work, you have a window to look out of this will work well.  Looking away from your computer screen at a far away distant helps the eyes to refocus.  It gives the eyes a break from just staring into a computer screen.

It could be allergies, or you could be lacking in certain nutrients for eye health, or you may need glasses.  I had to buy computer glasses which I will do another blog on soon.  They also made a big difference.

As we are getting older our eyes will too. We want to be able to see everything thing there is to see, so make sure you are taking care of your eyes by eating healthy foods, exercise, wearing glasses if you need to and making sure to get your eyes checked on a regular basis.

Got any tips on eye health, let us know.

As we grow older our eyes definitely feel the affects of aging, make sure you take care of them!

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