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Updated: Nov 29, 2018

Grapefruit Seed Extract is another wonderful and beneficial natural product for your health.  You can use Grapefruit Seed Extract as a natural antibiotic, as a cleaner and disinfectant and as an anti-fungal treatment.  You can use GSE internally and externally.

Internal Use:

Anyone can use GSE can be used as a natural antibiotic to fight fungal and yeast issues such as Candida.  It’s been studies for those health issues as well as to kill antibiotic-resistant, Urinary Tract Infections  (UTI’s).  It can relieve nail fungus and Athletic feet too.   All these issues can be fungus based and that’s why anyone with these problems should consider using GSE.

I was away on a trip with some of my friends and family and my sister was having some issue with her finger, it was swollen and look like some pus was in it.  She wasn’t sure if it was infected or not.  I had my GSE and had her put some of it on her finger.  By the next day she said it was feeling better, the swelling had gone down, and it was drying up.  By the third day her finger was basically back to normal.  I was glad I had my GSE because it was able to help her, and we were able to get back to having fun on our trip.

GSE is anti-fungal, antibacterial, and antiviral.  Meaning it can fight and help against fungal issues, bacterial infection and viral infections.

Sometimes with UTI’s antibiotics don’t work or they stop working to cleanup and get rid of the infection.  There are studies that show patients were given GSE orally and most of the patients had an improvement from using the GSE.

External Use:

GSE can be used to disinfect surfaces, you can put some drops in a spray bottle and disinfect kitchen counters, bathroom surfaces and anything that can be disinfected.  You can use GSE when you wash your clothes to kill fungi and bacteria.  If you have carpets, you can use GSE to kill germs and other pathogens that we bring in on our shoes.  Just get a spray bottle and lightly spray the carpet.  Grapefruit Seed Extract can be used in humidifiers also.

I made my own kind of air freshener by using GSE, Lavender Oil, Peppermint Oil and water.  I used 10 drops of GSE, 10 drops of Lavender Oil, 10 drops of Peppermint Oil to 16 oz’s of water in a spray bottle I got from the Dollar Tree store.  Shake it up and waala, you have an air freshener that is also a disinfectant.

You will be surprise at all the uses for Grapefruit Seed Extract.

As I always encourage do your own research and let me know if you try Grapefruit Seed Extract.

Let me know if you have tried GSE and let me know how it has helped you.

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