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I Wish Someone Would Have Warned Me About Getting Older!

Updated: Mar 19


This post is one that I really wanted to write about. When you reach a certain age, you start having all these issues. You know getting older and things changing on every level. You don’t realize what’s going on until one day it hits you, that you gotten older and now it’s showing. I mean in many ways.

One way is your eye sight. Suddenly, (if you don’t wear glasses) you need readers. It’s like one day you did not need them and the next day you can’t do without them. You have to have many readers (glasses) around the house because if you get only one pair you will forget where you put them, or you will lose them.

With that being said, memory, (smh) I don’t even know where to start with that. It starts off with going to look for something then you go to another room and you forget what you went into that room to do…..(Smh again)

Honestly, I wish someone would have told me that this getting older thing is deep. It’s a gradual thing that you don’t really notice at first because you are so busy with life, but then one day you come to realize that all these things that’s happening, that is out of your control, is you getting older and your body is feeling the effects and showing the effects of your age.

A Heads Up Would Have Been Nice.

I wish I would have gotten a heads up because I think I would have prepared myself. Would I have listened, I don’t know? I still wish someone would have said “Young lady growing older is going to happen to you, please listen so you can prepare yourself, so you won’t be so shocked when it finally happens”.

But I did not get that message, so here I am feeling the effects of being in my 50’s and determined to live through them and beyond with joy and good health.

Feeling the effects of getting older can be very shocking.

This post and my blog are for all of you in your teenage years, 20’s, 30’s and so on. It’s my way of letting you know what I do know now that I wish I would have known then. I hope it helps.

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