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Joy: Doing For Others Can Bring Us Joy

Updated: Mar 19

“There is more happiness in giving than there is in receiving.” That’s a quote from the Bible and its true.

Giving of ourselves is one way we can give joy.

Today we are all about ourselves. Most times there is nothing wrong with being somewhat selfish but how much happiness do you get with just pleasing yourself all the time?

Doing things for others, especially for those who can’t pay you back or wasn’t expecting your help, that’s where you will find joy for yourself and the person or persons you are helping.

I know you can think of ways to help someone. Have someone in mind and go “all the way” to help that person.

Take your time and make whatever you are doing for them special. You will start feeling joy and happiness because you are giving of yourself. Your ultimate joy will come when you see that person’s face, (hopefully it’s the reaction you expected).

Making someone's day in small ways can bring joy. I remember I was with my family traveling in the car and we had to pay a toll. Well, when I got to the toll person, she said “the person in front of you just paid your toll”. I said, “Huh?”, she said, “Yup, he just paid the toll for the next 3 cars.” I think the toll was $5.00. I didn’t know that man, but his kindness sure made me happy. It gave me joy just knowing that there are still nice, kind people in the world. That act of kindness made my day!

There are so many ways we can help older ones.


There are many ways that we can bring joy to others. These are a few things you can add to your list:

Help the elderly, shovel the snow for them, hold the door, let them go first, show respect when around the elderly.

Give a married couple the night out and watch the kids or take the kids while they stay home.

You can help someone who just needs to vent. Just listen, don’t give advice (unless they ask).

Call people sometimes, please do not text all the time when communicating with family and friends. I know us older ones would appreciate that. Actually, calling and saying, “I’m calling just to hear your voice”, will make them so much happier than reading a text.

Also, you can send a card, write a letter, do volunteer work. Try to do things for others that you know will bring them happiness.

Seeing, hearing, feeling their happiness will give you joy.

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