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Need a memory boost try Rosemary Oil

Updated: Mar 20

Just smelling Rosemary oil may help your memory.


Okay, I’m in my 50’s and because of life and stress and just craziness that goes on around me, my memory is an up and down, remember, can’t remember thing. It’s the normal stuff, go into the room and can’t remember what you went in there for or can’t recall names, places, things….. I hate it when I’m in a good conversation and suddenly my mind goes blank or that word that I need is just not coming to my mind, even though I used it a hundred times.

Give Rosemary Oil a try for better memory!


Of course, I begin to think “Am I getting dementia, or worst Alzheimer’s!” Well, you really don’t want to think about it but because you can’t think you must think about what action to take to help yourself.

There is soooo much research on the two subjects and there are many things out there to take. I found some research on oils that I would love to tell you about. I love oils, coconut oil, olive oil (extra virgin), jojoba oil, castor oil, all these oils are so beneficial for you and can be used in many ways.

I did some research on Rosemary oil. This is the one I’m trying now for memory. Some health benefits of Rosemary oil are: anti-aging, anti-viral, relieves menstrual cramps, helps with migraines. It’s am immune system booster, it’s anti-inflammatory, used for hair health and so many other benefits which includes improving memory.


I’ve been using it for about 2 months now and I must say I think it is helping me. Now, I’m not remembering everything that has happened in my life but my recall is much better.

How I use it is by putting 10 drops into a diffuser. I got my diffuser from Walmart for about $23.00 and it lights up in different colors. I love the scent of the Rosemary oil. I use the one by Aura Cacia, .5 fl. Oz for around $7.00 from Vitacost.

Make sure you get a good oil, ones that are 100% pure and are 100% pure essential oils.

So, do your research on Rosemary oil and let me know how it has helped you in your search for joy and health.

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