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Peppermint Oil for Mice

Updated: Mar 19

Fall and Winter is here. It’s the time of year for most of us when it’s cold and damp outside. It’s when we turn on our heaters to keep our homes warm and we feel nice and toasty in our cozy homes.

Well, there are some other critters that like to be warm too. That’s why around this time of year you start to see spiders, crickets and mice in the house because they too are trying to stay warm.

Now, we don’t want none of these critters in our house especially the mice. I know, I know, the spiders too but this blog is about getting rid of the mice that start to come in around this time of year. When it starts getting cold mice will come in and try to take over your house. And they can be everywhere in your home. Once they are in, they make it their home and start building nest for their babies.

Mice are unwanted guess when it gets cold outside.

One of my side jobs was doing house cleaning and I was doing some cleaning for a client and one room was full of stuff. So, I knew what I could expect and yes, I saw mice excrement. But what got me, there was mice droppings under the mattress of the bed where the person used to sleep. I was grossed out when I saw the mouse poop but seeing it under the mattress grossed me out even more because it meant the mouse could have been sleeping there too.

So, what can we use to keep the mice out of our homes? Peppermint Oil! I’ve done my research on Peppermint Oil for mice and of course, have used it myself and YES IT WORKS!!!

No, Peppermint Oil may not be for everyone. It has a strong smell and that’s just why mice do not like it. The smell is too strong for them.

My experience is that every time I use Peppermint Oil, I usually don’t see the mice after a week of using it.

HOW I USE Peppermint Oil

I usually buy my Peppermint Oil from Vitacost or Vitamin Shoppe. Walmart sells Peppermint Oil too. Make sure to get a good quality oil and get one that has not been diluted with other oils. You only want Peppermint Oil. Once you have your Peppermint Oil make sure to get some cotton balls or cotton pads. Put 5 or 6 drops of Peppermint Oil on the cotton balls or pads and put them anywhere you see the mice have been.

Now I must warn you, your house will smell like Peppermint Oil but that’s a good thing. Peppermint Oil is good for so many things. Peppermint Oil improves mental focus, clears the respiratory tract, boost energy, clears sinuses, relieves headaches and Peppermint Oil does so many other things.

You can use Peppermint Oil for joint pain, sore muscles, gas & bloating relief, menthol chest rub, homemade disinfect and of course for spider deterrent and mice repellent. Believe it or not it does so much more. Do your research and see for yourself.

So, it’s that easy. Depending on how many mice you have living with you will depend on how quickly this will work. And yes it will work. In the beginning make sure you keep putting the Peppermint Oil on the pads every week. You must be consistent. Soon you will see less of you uninvited guest.

Peppermint oil may help you get rid of mice.

A Friend and Peppermint Oil

A close older friend of mine in her 70’s was having mice problems. As I was talking to her, sitting at her dining room table, I saw two mice in her kitchen. Now her house is small, so I know the mice heard and seen us talking. Yet, there they were on her stove and one ran across the floor. I told her about the Peppermint Oil and she was skeptical, but I was able to get her to at least try the Peppermint Oil. When she first used it, she did not put enough Peppermint Oil on the cotton pads. When I came back to her house, I added more Peppermint Oil and after a week she called me and told me she could see a difference. She said the mice was not as active as they had been. She also bought some mice poison too because she wanted to make sure they were gone.

A month and a half later she asked me to get more Peppermint Oil for her because she feels that the Peppermint Oil helped. The mice were not eating the poison liked she hoped they would. She told me she was glad she used the Peppermint Oil, she felt like it really helped.

If you try Peppermint Oil, please let me know if it worked for you. And I encourage you to do research on Peppermint Oil and see what else you can use it for.

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