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The time for stuffy noses, watery eyes, running noses, sneezing and all the other allergy symptoms one gets this time of year.

A couple of months back I bought a Navage Nasal Care, Saline Nasal Irrigation system. This is a power suction device that uses salt pods to aid in the nasal irrigation of the sinuses.

As per the box: Nasal irrigation flushes out naturally allergens, dust and germs, without drugs and it's clinically proven to help relieve the symptoms of:

Cold and Flu, Allergies, Dry Air, Sinusitis, Pollen and Ragweed, Dust, Pregnancy Rhinitis, Environmental Pollution and Postnasal Drip.

It also helps reduce snoring and improve sleep. That all sounds good doesn't it?

How I acquired mine was from CVS. I'm on their CVS Extra Care email list and they send 40% couples that you can download at least once a month. The Navage system was $99.00 but I got for 40% off, so I paid only $59.40. I was able to save $39.60.

Using the Navage system is very easy, easier than I thought. There are instructions on getting started on one of the tip flaps on the box. You start by attaching the Nasal Dock to the device, fill the upper tank with water. Then you put a new, unused salt pod capsule in the crushing chamber. Close the lid firmly until you hear a click and that’s it! You are ready to use your Navage system.

Put the Nasal Dock up to your nose and push and hold the button on the right side. Hold the button until the water in the top container is all in the bottom container.

My Experience

My experience regarding using Navage is a mixed one. The first time was pretty good. My sinuses were not completely stopped up, but I wanted to try the system out.

The next time I was extremely clogged. I was helping a friend move so the dust in her apartment and the fact that it is allergy season, along with eating a cheesy slice of pizza, clogged up my sinuses.

Using the Navage system helped somewhat. It backed up into my ears, I did not like that at all. I did try it 2 more times though. It unclogged my sinuses a little but not completely. I think my sinuses where swollen. Once your sinuses are swollen you must give them time to go back to normal. Then you can blow your nose to get more mucus out.

Recommend or not?

Now, would I recommend the Navage system? Yes, I would.

Everyone’s experience will be different for different reasons. So, it might work for you.

I have a friend who loves this thing and uses hers every day. She said it gets the “gunk” out of her nose very well.

So, I say give the Navage Nasal Irrigation system a try if you have allergies. Remember, if you want to save money when buying one, sign up for CVS Extra Care. If you buy it from CVS, you can use their 30% or 40% coupons. You can either use the digital one and download to your phone or you can print out the coupon.

Please let me know if you try it.

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