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Updated: Nov 29, 2018

Started another temp assignment and was looking for something else to give me energy.  I came across information about vitamin B-12 as an energy source.  Vitamin B-12 does a lot for you.  It’s a nutrient that the body needs but can’t produce on its own.  So, you must look for sources of Vitamin B-12 to add to your diet or health regimen.


Before we get to the sources of B-12 some of the benefits are:

* Improves memory

* Necessary for good mental health

* Vital for red blood cell production

* Important role in energy production

* Reduces depression

* Improves sleep

One article said that almost half of adults in the U.S. may have a B-12 deficiency.

Some sources of B-12 are:

* Meat

* Seafood

* Milk

* Yogurt

* Cheese and Eggs.

I just order a liquid B-12 from Vita Cost (love Vita-Cost).  Ummm it was okay.  I had to use more than recommended (which I’m NOT recommending) to feel like it was helping.  I did use all of the B-12 only because I did not want to waste it.  I did not buy it again.  Then I did more research.

I came across a different type of B12 called Vitamin Vape B12.  This Vitamin Vape is really good.  The 1st time I used it I felt some energy.  Nothing like climbing a tree but a little more sustained energy.  I felt alert and not groggy, which I was surprised about.

It’s a vape, which means you use inhaling vapor infused with vitamin B-12.  It goes right into your system.  So, I would vape in the morning, taking about 10 inhales from the vaper.  I would begin to feel a little energized around 10:30-11:00 am.  It felt good to not feel tired, and it helped me to be alert.


Just living this life can drag you down and sap all the energy from you.  Then add getting older and still trying to keep up with life.  I’m so glad I found this, it’s given me the energy I so needed to get through the day.  So, give Vitamin Vape B-12 a try.

I got mine from Amazon.  I hope this can help you too.

Let me know. 😊

Check out the ingredients list. No nicotine.

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